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109 days clean

Day Four.

School was ‘meh’ today. Had double free first so spent most of that catching up on my maths homework. Then i had maths, english, lunch, Biology then last free. Maths was boring as usual. Have my prelim on Friday so i should probably get started on my revision for that. Got my personal essay back in English. It had a lot of red pen on it but i still got a B. Most of the read pen was basically pointers on how i could bump that B to an A and then biology was terribel as usual. I was shit hot at standard grade bio. I got a 1 in the exam, but i seem to have lost that talent over the last year. Maybe i should have taken it in 5th year rather than waited until 6th year. Basically i got 3/10 in a timed essay that i worked my ass off for. I’ve never gotten over 7 in these essays and i try my god dam hardest! I don’t know what elese i can do. Through out the rest of the class i had my hard wrapped around me and kept pinching my side. I am such a fucking failure.

The rest of the day went without to much hassle. I got asked to help out with another charity gig. This one isn’t as big as the last one but its still going to be a lot of work. Hopefully not as stressful as last time though.

Going to watch Glee at 9pm then do my bio homework and then bed. Sleep is the only time my head isn’t spinning.

StayStrong. x

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